Track hosts


Kasper Munck, Lunar bank

Kasper Munck, former speaker at Local Rock Stars, is working at Lunar Bank and has been a part of building the company from the ground as Engineer, Lead Engineer and Technical Product Manager. Kasper graduated software engineer from Aarhus University and trained with HD1 from CBS as well as data analysis and machine learning from Cambridge University. Kasper started his career as a Software Engineer at Apple in California.

Product management & UX

Peter Gregersen, Mobilepay

Peter Gregersen is Chief UX Designer at MobilePay. He has been part of the founding team behind apps like Danske Mobilbank, WeShare and MobilePay. Peter holds a degree in Information Studies from Aarhus University and is currently working on new concepts for MobilePay.


Camilla Ellyton, Norlys

Camilla Ellyton is working as QA Lead at Norlys. Camilla has 13 years of experience with leadership in quality assurance and agile. She is passionate about working with and developing soft leadership skills. Her experience is both within more formal leadership with people responsibility and within the more informal leadership within her profession guiding others in the field of quality assurance. Camilla holds a degree of Master of Science in IT Engineering and is currently working with quality assurance leadership on Stofa WebTV products.