2021 | Leadership

We are looking forward to announce the Leadership track for Local Rock Star 2021

What does it takes? 

The leadership track at Local Rock Stars will dive into leadership on many levels of organisations. Here we share experiences from leadership pinpoint decisions or big time crisis management. Are you an Architect or an QA who needs people to follow you without having the direct authority. Are you part of a distributed team and need to lead the direction in your field without the possibility of direct human contact. Maybe you are Scrum Master on a team that refuses to work in an agile way. Maybe you are leading in a very small company or start-up where people need to take on more than one role? Or what about self-leadership? “We are all leaders” said David Marquet.

Come and tell about your experience, not only your successes, but also if things are not working – what have you tried. What worked and what didn’t work and what did you learn from it. Remember to be specific and not go through the entire process. Choose some specific areas to talk about.