Jonas Vognsen, IT Minds

Jonas Vognsen, Cand.merc.FIB, is Co-founder of IT Minds and Local Rock Stars Jonas is highly passionate about enthusiasts, good ideas and tech entrepreneurship. He is an entrepreneur at mind as well as personality tests, and enjoys working with passionate, ambitious tech colleagues. All in all, Jonas is a driven, creative initiator and problem solver. 

Christian Dürr, Transire

Christian Dürr, Cand.IT. Bioinformatic, is Co-founder & Partner at Transire ApS as well as Co-founder of Local Rock Stars. Christian has a creative mind with flair for the process and realising ideas. He is an entrepreneur at mind and have strong leadership skills. Furthermore, Christian enjoys working with passionate people who strive for something. 

Tenna Duch Schaldemose, Studenterhus Aarhus